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Helping businesses eradicate spreadsheets one custom application at a time.  We help organizations operate more efficiently by automating processes and mechanics, allowing our clients to think more strategically and engage in other highly valuable activities.

Don't let the spreadsheet that announced your brilliance three years ago be the stone hung around your neck today.  Twenty people sharing a spreadsheet is not good. Let us help. 

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The key to creating a useful dashboard is presenting summary information in a way that an executive can understand the health of his or her business at a glance. If you don't know how to access all of the sources of your data in order to paint the picture you've always wanted, we can help.  We've written various types of dashboards with drill-down navigation using SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and hand-made custom dashboards. 

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Should you create a mobile app for each platform? Do you have to put your app in a Store or Market? What are the advantages and disadvantages of native mobile apps vs. mobile responsive websites?

If you've ever considered a mobile application for your business, you've found that deciding how to go about it can be a complex decision. We've been there with our clients, and we've created native apps, mobile web apps, Xamarin apps, PhoneGap, Sencha...suffice it to say, we can help you identify which direction to go with your mobile app, and we have the expertise to get it done. 

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Applications are usually not as social as we would like them to be. They don't share information easily, they seldom talk, share, or work together.  When our software doesn't play nice, we get to engage in fun activities such as duplicate entry, system reconciliation, copy/paste, and spreadsheet creation.  KEYSYS has experience integrating apps at multiple layers; single sign-on, database integration and migration, and application integration are all ways we turn your portfolio of software applications into a seamless, productive user experience.  

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The process of lending money for a house is increasingly complex.  Lenders, borrowers, and good ol' Uncle Sam all demand transparency and security during the process.  That process starts from the time the lender gets a lead to when money changes hands, along with the keys.

Many lenders have chosen Encompass as their loan origination platform.  KEYSYS has multiple people dedicated to Encompass customization, reporting, dashboards, and loan process consulting.  We have helped lenders increase transparency, compliance, and efficiency by reducing manual input, customizing forms and templates, and integrating core systems for leads, documents, and pricing.   

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We specialize in database-driven custom software solutions for businesses.  But sometimes, our clients just want their websites to be easier to use and manage, making sure they put their best "out there" for potential customers.  With the help of content management systems such as Umbraco, we can help our clients do just that. 

If your website is a pain in the neck to manage and update, or if it's a little long in the tooth, give us a call.  With our ability to customize software, and our in-house creative staff, we might be a great mix of form and function for your website.  

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Ready to build some software?

We love building software. Whether you have a brand new idea, or your trusty app needs an update, we'd love to help you!