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KEYSYS is pleased to announce Grant Woolwine as one of the newest members of TechBirmingham’s Board of Directors for 2018. TechBirmingham is geared up for an exciting year with new President and CEO, Deon Gordon, in addition to ten new members added to the Board. Board members are chosen from hundreds of Birmingham’s technology executives to be the voice of technology for the region, demonstrating the strength, diversity and economic impact of the technology companies and talent working in Birmingham.


During my time as a Junior Engineer with a former company, my supervisor and mentor would compile a list of links that he and other engineers shared between one another.  He termed the knowledge “LinkDump of Awesome Stuff” and as an entry level developer, the info was extremely valuable to me. It was great to have a central location from trusted resources that I could turn to as a starting point amid the vast landscape of the internet. I thought it may be helpful to share some of the valuable resources that I found useful lately.  So without further ado, the first KEYSYS LinkDump is now on the blog.


I’ve never been a car person. As long as a car can transport me safely from point A to point B, I’m content. My lack of interest in cars has resulted in a few instances when weird noises or flashing lights have sent me to the depths of the dark web and back, always concluding that my car must have terminal cancer with only 2 weeks left live. Luckily for me, I work with a few tech gurus who also double as automobile experts and they not only know everything there is to know about cars, but also have cool tools to fix them.

Just like people, companies come in all shapes and sizes, personalities, values and attitudes. While there are no universal truths when it comes to how a company will operate based upon these characteristics, there are some general biases about working for a small company versus a larger company.

When it comes to iOS or Android application development, many developers first consider Objective C or Swift, and Java.  As a native technology stack, they are the most often development tools used for iOS and Android application development.