Robert Livingston :


Life Story:

After trying to “make it” as a starving artist (film, music, sleight of hand magic, photography, and more) I found that I really liked solving problems and working with tech. After learning how to create a basic website, I started my masters in CIS from Boston University and made the transition into software. I love learning, creating, and pushing myself to be a more well-rounded human being. I’ve found that a lot of my past experiences give me a fun perspective when it comes to finding solutions to complex problems.

Go To Motivation Song:

Best Trick:

I escaped from a strait-jacket suspended upside down from a crane to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma association.

Hidden Talent:

I learned how to paint by binge watching Bob Ross and taking advantage of Hobby Lobby sales.


I travel around the United States competing in large-scale Magic: The Gathering tournaments and love being competitive.