Kirsten Winkle :


Life Story:

I am from Birmingham, and grew up in several small towns all around central Alabama. I went to the University of Montevallo where I earned a BFA, concentrating in Drawing and Sculpture. I have spent the last six years immersed in local technology companies and startups, focused on providing the best end to end user experience possible through UI, user flows, graphics, and branding. I have a passion for technology and all things visual.

I love backpacking, painting, writing, cooking, drinking coffee, and gardening. On any given weeknight you can find me barefoot in my backyard, making a fire and drinking beer with all the pieces of my heart (see below).

Go To Motivation Song:

Last Show You Binge Watched:

Game of Thrones, Arrested Development, and Gilmore Girls. I binge watch TV often.

Random Fact:

I’m so graceful I once tore two ligaments in my ankle by stepping off a curb.