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Why our about page is all 80s characters


An About page is crucial to any business so visitors can learn more about them and what they do. Most companies choose to show off their staff dressed in Sunday best. But at KEYSYS we chose to let Magnum P.I., Ferris Buller, & ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage take care of the introductions for us.

Our page started back in 2014 when we were rebuilding the KEYSYS website and wanted to highlight our growing team. Without formal headshots of all our team on hand, we used the next best thing. Classic 1980s celebrities.

From Indiana Jones to Clark Griswold

Our teammate’s nostalgic alter egos were wildly accepted and have become a staple at KEYSYS. It’s even become an interview question to ask potential candidates what 80s character best represents them.

It might not seem like much but we’re proud to show off our Tiger Beat heartthrobs and we hope you like them.

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